winter ox by Amy Ruppel

The original idea was a monthly artist series chocolate box.
Currently the logisitics are still too overwhelming at this point.
So i decided on an annual chinese zodiac box for the time being.
Seasonally designed by different artists, it includes 3 flavors and 3 of each.
Included in each box is a numbered ox of the season screenprint.

Lychee: The final recipe is a white chocolate ganache made from lychee puree and dried organic goji berries, enrobed in a bittersweet shell.
Green Tea: A dark chocolate blend infused with the finest Japanese green sencha tea from london, enrobed in milk chocolate shell.
Five spice cashew: Roasted cashews folded into a milk chocolate infusion of cinnamon, anise, ginger, cloves and sichuan pepper, enrobed in a blend of semi and bittersweet shell.