Now here is some change you can sink your teeth into!
Until he adorns mount rushmore, you will have to settle for our chocolate rendition.
So let the people speak, with a mouthful of chocolate that is!

Available in milk chocolate or bittersweet bronze!
Made from guittard blended chocolate, he stands 3.5" tall, 2" wide and weighs in at 60 grams

I could not have accomplished this project without the help from many friends.
After the election i went to Alma chocolate to speak with Sarah and run by the idea of choc-O-bama.
I explained that i wasnt confident in my sculpting ability and before i could finish, she said "You have to go meet Scott Foster!"
Scott was in the midst of building a gallery but was compelled to help with the project, i knew i found the right man for the job.
After election night with Pinball Publishing founders Austin & Laura, i knew their crew would help with the offset printing.
Then Cameron of Custom Paper Products pushed to have the boxes complete for the holiday, even if i was burnt out and exhausted.
I am pleased to inform people aside from the vinyl cover the box is made 100% from recycled material and soy ink.