I strongly believe in making quality confections with notes of humor and reflection.
I make all products by hand with machines assisting when needed and there may be slight differences from one to another.
I reside in beautiful Portland, Oregon most of the year since 2007.

We support the vision of Benjamin Franklin and have faith in all the hard working & walking postal workers of america.
We ship PRIORITY but Overnight shipping is available via fedex or ups until I can create a new shipping company.

Depending on the workload, I usually ship within a week or two and always as soon as possible.
If I am out of town I will let you know how we can coordinate.
When chocolate leaves our facility it is in perfect condition and not responsible for unforseen circumstances of nature.
I watch the weather and strike when the iron is not too hot.
Chocolate is wrapped, padded and ice packed when needed.

Chocolate should be kept in a cool and dry environment.
You honestly should not store it in the fridge unless its extreme conditions or location.
Which is the most ironic fact because of where cacao comes from.
If put in the fridge, make sure it is wrapped air tight.
Remove from fridge and leave in package until it comes to room temperature (2 hours or so).

If frozen, also make sure its in an air tight container.
Place in fridge for 24 hours and repeat directions above.

It must be known that our products are made in a kitchen where nuts and spices are used.
I take that seriously as I have developed allergies over the years but still process them for all to enjoy.
If you need vegan or raw chocolate additional charges will apply based on products but always available.
By purchasing anything from Neapolitan or subsidiaries you legally take full responsibility for any complications that could arise from ingredients.
Wooden sticks and chocolate stones can break bones, but in 15 years yet to have any incidents.

If you steal intellectual property your are an idiot.
And to those that ceased and desisted, thank you.